Self Storage Hints and Tips

Moving Checklist

If you're moving, don't forget to change your address and contact details for:

  • Gas
  • Power
  • Telephone
  • Subscriptions (i.e. Newspaper, Magazines)
  • Banks and credit unions
  • Insurance
  • Motor vehicle registration
  • Medicare
  • Private health insurance
  • Drivers licence
  • Any club memberships
  • Centrelink
  • Electorate district
  • Tax office
  • Mobile phone company
  • Internet company
  • And remember to keep your contact details up to date with your storage facility

Storage Tips

  • Pack the items and boxes you don't need to access first. Keep your regularly used items near the front door for easy access.
  • Store things vertically but don’t over reach. Use a step ladder to help you stack.
  • Place heavy things on the bottom of a stack and light things up top.
  • Break down any furniture that you can, label each piece, stick all screws and bolts into a plastic bag and tape the bag to your furniture so you know what it belongs to. This will help to optimise your storage space.
  • Put table tops and long flat items down the sides of the unit.
  • Use your fridge to store items as well, but remember to wedge the door open for ventilation.
  • Put gardening equipment into a bin and stack bins inside each other.

Packing Tips

  • Plan ahead
  • Pack frequently used items last (fridges, main beds, etc.)
  • Use packing cartons as they contain everything into a consistent size and shape. This helps to make it easy to stack the boxes into your storage unit. Keep the heavy boxes on the bottom and the light ones on top.
  • Do not make your cartons too heavy as this will make them hard to move. We suggest packing the heavy items into the small cartons and the light items into big cartons, this helps to keep the weight down.
  • Wrap fragile and breakable items in protective products such as tissue paper, butchers paper and bubble wrap. Clearly mark these as fragile items.
  • Put books into a small carton as they will be heavy. Stack them flat to protect their spines and don’t put any fragile items with them.
  • Don’t over fill the cartons as they can break or bulge making it harder to stack. If you need to buy more boxes, there are plenty different sizes available in our store. To view popular sizes click here.
  • Tape your boxes well.
  • Mark your boxes on each side and on the top to make them easier to locate. Write down what is inside the cartons so that you don’t have trouble remembering what is in them.
  • Disassemble as many large items as possible as this will help with stacking.
  • Protect your sofas, chairs and mattresses with specially designed furniture covers. We have these available in our store if you need them.
  • Use bubble wrap for mirrors or glass table tops.
  • Clean your fridge and defrost your freezer.
  • Clean outdoor furniture so that there are no creepy crawlies waiting for you when you next access your unit.
  • Drain all oil and petrol from your lawn mower and any other mechanical items to ensure they don’t spill out.
  • Put your shovels and gardening tools inside a bin or use a specially designed tool box.
  • Remember to take a rest and keep your energy levels up!