Packing Supplies

We offer a range of moving and packing supplies to assist with your self storage experience. Our most popular items are listed below.

New Boxes Price
Tea Chest Carton - Bulk buy 10 and SAVE - OUR BEST SELLER!
Multi-purpose heavy duty carton.
Suitable for moving and storage.
596mm H x 406mm W x 431mm L
Book/Wine Carton - Bulk buy 10 and SAVE!
Suitable for heavy items including books, CD's/DVD's and wine.
431mm H x 298mm W x 406mm L
Universal Carton
Multi-purpose, light weight carton.
Suitable for moving and storage.
640mm H x 370mm W x 425mm L
Half Tea Chest Carton
All purpose packing carton.
298mm H x 406mm W x 431mm L
Crystal Carton
Twin cushion carton provides extra protection for precious, fragile items.
330mm H x 301mm W x 403mm L
Picture/Mirror Carton
Ideal for small to medium sized pictures and mirrors.
775mm H x 75mm W x 1040mm L
Telescopic Picture/Mirror Carton
Two piece set makes packing medium to large sized pictures easy.
Can hold items up to 1.5 metres long.
Port-a-Robe Carton
Full height Port-a-Robe box suitable for all clothes - includes rail.
1100mm H x 476mm W x 595mm L
Mini Port-a-Robe Carton
Mini Port-a-Robe box suitable for shirts and jackets - includes rail.
750mm H x 476mm W x 595mm L
Small Cube Carton
Suitable for CD's, DVD's, computer equipment and electrical items.
300mm H x 300mm W x 300mm L
Large Cube Carton
Suitable for bulky, oversized items.
2 sizes available:
500mm H x 500mm W x 500mm L (twin cushion)
625mm H x 625mm W x 625mm L
From $6.00
Golf/Tool Carton
Tall box ideal for golf clubs, garage items and sporting equipment.
1150mm H x 300mm W x 450mm L
Second Hand Boxes (subject to availability) Price
Various Sizes
Ask our staff when you visit for what's available.
From $2.00
Packing Materials Price
Butchers Paper
Multi-purpose paper suitable for wrapping breakables and filling voids in your packing boxes.
Available in 1.25kg, 2.5kg or 5kg packs.
From $10.00
Tissue Paper
Acid-free protection for delicate and fragile items.
100 sheets.
Bubble Wrap
Provides extra cushioning of items during moving and storage.
750mm width available in 10m rolls.
500mm width available in 5m rolls.
375mm width available in 50m rolls.
From $7.50
Packing Tape
Industrial strength packing tape.
Available in Brown and Clear.
48mm W x 75m L
Packing Tape Dispenser
In-built cutter allows for quick sealing and wrapping.
Includes packing tape.
Mattress Bags
Ideal for use during moving, storage and renovations.
Single, Queen and King sizes available.
From $7.90
Furniture Protection Bags
Ideal for use during moving, storage and renovations.
Lounge Chair and 3 Seater Lounge sizes available.
From $6.90
Storage Bags
Zippered carry bags. Ideal for pillows, blankets, clothing and toys.
Pack of 3.
Moving Blankets
Ideal for use during moving and storage.
Locks Price
40mm Padlock
Solid brass padlock with 3 keys.
50mm Padlock
Solid brass padlock with 3 keys.

Don't forget to ask about our bulk boxes rate and used boxes buy-back to help save you money!